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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy/Personal Development

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy/PD (EAP/PD) helps individuals and families experientially develop their own solutions to “Life’s Obstacles.” * The EAP/PD team consists of a licensed mental health professional, a horse professional and horses working together with individuals, families, groups or organizations in un-mounted activities.


This therapy has been proven successful for youth at risk, addictions, relationships, mental health, reunification, military and their families, PTSD, individuals with mental or physical disabilities, autistic, etc. This work is also valuable for those seeking enlightenment and a deeper understanding of themselves. Some activities work on respect, responsibility, relationship skills, boundaries, empathy, choices and consequences.


*Life’s Obstacle is an activity in the EAP/PD manual.


Call Sholeh Lulham-New 360-951-2458

Therapist partner Peg Foley, LMFT


Ask about what insurances are accepted or call about rates for corporations, groups or sliding fee as needed.


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